Open Heavens 2017 App Reviews

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Very poor service - PLEASE DO NOT BUY

I have taken my time to reach this decision that the developers of this app were only intent on taking advantage of the name of the author of the open heavens who is a respected servant of God to make money. It is simply a money making venture for you otherwise you would have put down strategies to ensure that you update your app regularly in line with what's expected on the IOS platform. This app has been off air for over one month if not two. My candid opinion no one should ever buy this app again. Now you have updated the app to stop crashing which has been on for over one month what plans do you have to ensure that your app is ok to work on the new IOS that would be released in a couple of days. I can guess none.

App not launching/opening

I reckon this has been a recurrent issue. The developer has to be more proactive or at least respond on time to complaints!

What's going on?

I have been unable to open this app on my iPhone and iPad for weeks now. The developer has seen all the complaints about the app but nothing has been done this far. We paid for an app that we can't use. This devotional is an integral part of my Christian life so I don't see why it's not working. Absolutely unacceptable!

App not opening

I have been using this app since February of 2017 but for the past two days the app has stopped working. It worked for a couple of months and now since the last week in August I have been unable to open the app. The essence of this app is to make it easier for people to read the devotional on the go but now I can't access the word of God. PATHETIC#

Please help fix app.

Pls help repair whatever is happening on this app. Hasn't opened in this September

Non-Functional Apps!!!

It is very disappointing to experience a nonfunctional App... please help us to correct the problems and fix the bugs, l pray... thanks.

Fail to launch

The app has failed to launch Need it to be fixed and updated

Fix it!!!

This apps need to be's not working!!


I have not been able to open the application for some days now. Kindly assist urgently to rectify this problem. Thanks. God bless you richly. Sincerely, 'Yinka Adebayo

Fail to launch

I have been unable launch the app in the last few days. It bothers me to see that people have reported this same problem and the developer has not done anything about it. I don't think it advisable to purchase an app that would not work although it's inexpensive. This has been a problem over the years and one would think the developer would have improved on it by now. We can access the open devotional online but there has to be an internet access which is the main reason I purchase the app so o can have it on the go. I pray for God to give you the grace to do the needful. Amen. Mr Adesoji Fakoya, please take some steps to fix the app. You may consult with other app developers for help. This is absolutely unacceptable.

So sad

We paid for this app yet we would not get full value for our money. Because I thought I could rely on the app, I didn't bother buying a hard copy.. I haven't been able to use the app in days.. To the developer, please help us out! Thank you

App crashes unnecessarily

I think this apps needs an update, it crashes when it's needed, please look into this,it's needed daily..

App crashing

It is a joy to read open heavens on my iPhone but unfortunately it has been crashing for the past few weeks. Please fix this

App won't open

Please fix this app. I have not been able to open it for the past one week. Thanks.

App crashes

I love reading this devotional! But since last week it hasn't been opening. Every time I update my iOS on my iPhone, this app eventually crashes and never opens again. This is the 3rd time it happened this year. Please update this

App Won't Open

This App won't again- I haven't been able to use for the past 3 days, please fix it ASAP. Thank you.

Application set back

App came back on and that was great. Thank you. But the voice application suddenly stopped working.. Kindly look into that. Thank you.

Worst app ever!

This has not worked on my iPhone 6s Plus for at least two weeks. Support is virtually nonexistent....looked like it was fixed a couple weeks ago but it is back to not working anymore!!! What a joke of an app!

App terminating prematurely

Can the developer pls update this app? It is terminating prematurely and is unusable.

Not Opening

The App has refused to open for some days now , please fix the problem


Support kindly work on a new update, it keeps crashing once opened. May the Lord strengthen you.

Unable to open app

I deleted and downloaded the app again and it won't open. I think I'll just find an alternative.


The 2017 version app has virtually never opened on my ipad and everyday that passes by, another day of value of it is loss... after the last update I hoped there will be an improvement but as of today 25 may 2017 it still doesn't work. Please something needs to be done urgently.

Opens only when it wants

UPDATE: The app is now working fine. The issue has been fixed. Praise God! Original post: This app needs to be worked on so it can satisfy the purpose of the users. It fails to open quite often

For two weeks I cannot open

Please, for about two weeks this months of April and May, I have not been able to open this very useful devotional. Please help, now! I await your assistance

App not Opening

I'm adding my voice to the number of those users that has complain about the same problem. The app has not been opening for the past few days now. Pls do something about it. Thank u

Fail to open

Please do something. It is frustrating to see and read that with all the complaints of it not opening for several days, nothing has been done yet. The devil is a liar

Refund please

If any other app is as dysfunctional as this one, users would have been refunded their money. So I want my money back. What is the use of a catatonic app like this?

Cannot launch app in more than 6days

Cannot launch app in more than 6days. Pls help fix app ASAP.

Can't open in the last 4 days

Please fix, can't open in the last 4 days.

Good Bible daily devotion

An update to my earlier review. For the past week, the app won't open. I deleted and re downloaded but won't open. I need help so that my hard earned dollars are not wasted. I am enjoying reading Opening Heaven Daily Devotion but I will like to see an apps that I can highlight and note the important points each day when I study it.

This app is becoming more annoying

Please step up your game and make it reliable.

App Glitch

The app has refused to open today.

Cannot open

I cannot open the app at all.


Can't launch App for 2days now

Can't open the app

Not been able to launch after updating, kindly assist.


Hymn Not working. Everything else about the app is awesome though. I feel blessed on the go. 😊

Inspiring on-the-go words of wisdom

This is a very nice app.. I can take this very inspiring book with me everywhere I go. Only glitch are the hymns are not complete...I.e. 14 as against 18 and they don't play the audio. Please update.


I'm unable to read the message. I've tried several times.


Please kindly update the hymn in this new devotional because the hymn collection is 2016 and is not up to date

RCCG open heavens devotional


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